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About Us

Hi from Sam & Rebecca in Sunny England!

VelvetPrints is a dedicated Art Studio, specialising in custom art for the home. What we produce is inspired by our customers. We have more requests than we have time to do sadly.

We're proud of the fact our artwork hangs in homes and offices across the Globe. We have customers in Brazil, Argentina, America, Australia, Europe, Dubai, Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Japan.

Sam is an Architect by training but has turned his passion for design to work on the beautifully turned phrase and typography. 

Rebecca studied Digital Animation at University and art runs deep in her veins, she has come on board to help out and steer the ship as the shop has taken on a life of its own!

We have an eclectic taste in art and this can be seen in the diversity of the pieces we offer.

Happy Browsing

Sam & Rebecca x